Education (SIS/SPMS)

Education (SIS/SPMS)

We have developed and customized applications for educational institutes, which has long helped them in their admission process and Student Information Management. Many colleges and universities have requested to competitive pressure by streamlining internal processes to operate more efficiently and cut costs.
Our solution also helped the institutes to replace an outdated, Excel-driven solution to track opportunities and drive marketing. University’s student recruitment and relations department to provide personalized, improved service. Resolving student issues and leverage Lead and Campaign modules for student recruitment, improving marketing ROI, Provides online education systems for academic institutions worldwide, Contact center performance.Student Information System

Student Enrollment and Information System

The Enrollment System having 3 interfaces:

  1. Front End: For people to register on the site.
  2. Web Administration: For institute to manage their site.
  3. Management System: For Management to have reports and other lookup.

The website will provide an Enrollment form, for the Guest/Applying students to provide his details and interest of enrollment:

  1. Basic Details
  2. Contact Details
  3. Validation Details
  4. Academic Details
  5. Experience Details
  6. Course/Branch interested
  7. Processing workflow (like even guest can pay online, or data need to be stored with the website etc.)
  8. Payment details and Payments


Basic Details: Name, Age, ID Proof/Passport details, Nationality, Date of Birth and others
Contact Details: Contact Person (Local guardian/Parent), email, postal address and others
Previous Education/Academic Details: Graduation, Post-Graduation, Percentage, Year of passing and others
Validation Details: Availability of proper document with the person (Passport, certificated etc.), Have any criminal case against the person etc.
After submitting the form the system will create a lead in system and user login credentials will be created for the student on the site (The password can be auto generated, confirmation from mail address or Generated from system … as per requirement) for checking the status of his application.
After login to the website (after confirmation of email or phone … etc.) the user (interested in enrollment) can confirm his details and can make a payment.
Based on the payment gateway client has created account with, the process will change. The implementation can be done using APIs (where user stays on the website and payment is done at back-end) and redirection (where user is redirected to the payment gateway).

Student Performance Management System

Our Performance management system help institutes to manage student performance over the academic years.

  1. System Development and Implementation Guide/Tool (OEB – Outcome based Education)
  2. Program Educational Objectives: POEs Matrix
  3. Program Outcome: POs Reports