API based Web Content Management

API based Web Content Management


1.       Manage Live Stream: Audio and Video (e.g. SCube).

2.       Multi Language Support (e.g. Harimilap).

3.       A very SEO friendly System (e.g. CITS).

4.       User Friendly URL.

5.       User Profile and membership management (e.g. Harimilap) Almost all features a CRM has can be replicated to Customer portal.

6.       Single Administration for Multiple websites (e.g. SCube).

7.       All content can be managed from back-end (Images, Text, Videos, PDF, and Documents etc.).

8.       Also including some part of CSS and JavaScript also could be managed from backend.

Other Administrative features

1.       Editors: by which the administrator no need to have technical skills to manage a website content.

2.       Version Controlling

3.       Role based access

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