API Integrations

API Integrations

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is like a standardized language. It allows computer programs to communicate with each other in fast, reliable ways.

Specialized in Building and Integrating APIs in various streams like:

API Types:

  1. Payment Gateways (Used/Transferred): PayPal (direct, split and hierarchy based payments), CCAvenue (all), HDFC (Net Banking) and more
  2. Digital/E-Signature (Used/Forwarded): HelloSign (Online), ESign (offline), DocuSign (both) etc.
  3. Telecommunications (Used): Asterisk (Inbound offline), Avaya (Outbound), Aspire (both offline), Galaxy V3 (Both online/active links)
  4. Banking and Finance/Accounting (Used): Balance Transfer and enquiry (Yes Bank), Reload (enStage)
  5. File Server and applications (Used/Built): AWS File API, Customized FTP API (Built)
  6. Email Integrations (Used): Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and other hosting etc.
  7. Chat/SMS (Used): Skype Chat, WhatsApp, WhiteList SMSAPI, SMS Speed etc.
  8. Map (Used): Bing Map, Google Map
  9. Shipment API (Used/Built): BlueDart, Customized outbound (Built)
  10. KYC Validation (Used): Yes Bank, YBL and HDFC
  11. E-Comm. website (Built): OXID
  12. CRM (Used): SugarCRM, SuiteCRM etc.
  13. Advertiser Service (Used): Criteo

API Technologies:

  1. SOAP based
  2. REST based
  3. RPC based
  4. Socket based
  5. cURL based (PHP specific)

API Workflows:

  1. Asynchronous: The actions are independent of earlier event (e.g. a manual action required for process to complete so the next action has to weight)
  2. Synchronous: Action are dependent of earlier event (e.g. a complete transaction under one process)
  3. Pull: Scheduler based APIs where data is fetched from the server
  4. Push: Event based where data is pushed on an event at server end.